War – Torn Waters Development Blog #2 – The Beauty of the Black Market

The past couple of weeks have been interesting, to say the least, and some unique concepts have emerged. First and foremost, we’ve made solid strides towards making our first trailer and made playable Vikings who are unfortunately far from being balanced. Balancing any sort of game whether it’s an MMO, an FPS or, like in our case, a Turn-based strategy game or RTS is inherently important. Recently we gave our Pirates differently sized health pools, the chef having the largest and monkey having the smallest. The chef is effectively the tank so archetypally can’t move nearly as far as a squishy character like the monkey. That’s simple game development but here it gets a little bit nasty. There are currently two other characters on the pirate side, a duelist and a (wo)man wielding a musketoon. They both have very different skill sets, the duelist, as you can imagine, can shoot someone in close proximity to him or stab somebody with a small sword/dagger whilst the latter can shoot an enemy from far away. These two characters are so alike yet so dissimilar so we have to mess with accuracy, (whilst trying to exclude any xcom point blank mishaps ;D ), the damage of each attack and the range in which they can attack and move. The monkey and chef, however, are on two different sides of the spectrum, one swings a pig and cleaves his foes whilst the other throws grenades and places mines.

Anyway, elsewhere in the week we decided to introduce the ability to choose the crew that you want to deploy for the mission at hand whether it’s looting a small settlement or raiding an enemy camp, whatever it may be. Since our artist, @wheredacheese has been away recently, I made a little screen and buttons myself but I can assure you it will look 1000% better on release. As you can see, you click on the troops you want and they’re added to your current “crew”. We obviously want to improve it and add more to it which brings me to the next update, the black market.

In the black market, you can buy units, troops, crew members, we haven’t decided the official term yet but basically, you can buy people that will fight for you. However, you can currently only buy the duelist. The second thing you can buy on the black market are upgrades. These upgrades will basically put your units into different specialisations, for example, the monkey might switch his grenade out for a blowdart so he does precise damage instead of AoE, just an example. I guess it’s not too dissimilar to the class and subclass system in destiny (man I loved that game).  In the video, you can see a third upgrade to the far right of the shelf, we’re thinking of implementing a general buff, instead of going down path A or path B, you stay the way you are but gain a bit more health or something like that. The Black Market will also be used to buy new ship parts but that’s for a later date.

Finally, I wanted to round up the blog by showing a little teaser of what’s to come in the coming weeks. This is the priest and his good friend Thor and gameplay-wise, they are closely related. I’ll leave you on that ;D


oh, and the boat now moves like a real boat, it accelerates, decelerates and turns slowly (totally didn’t forget I did this!)