Friday Blog #1 – Pathfinding

I’ve been quite busy this past week, mainly soaking up lovely British rays in Brighton so I’ve dedicated any free time that I’ve had to fixing bugs. For example, there was a bug that stopped units from moving to a tile if your mouse was hovering over it before pressing the designated move key. Either way, War – Torn waters is completely bug-free now (sounds familiar). However, when I did have a free day or two, I tried tackling pathfinding which was something I had never even had a sniff at. After watching multiple tutorials I devised a system that should have worked with War – Torn waters but quite frankly, it just didn’t. I spent countless hours and sleepless nights thinking about this problem. The solution was of course quite simple compared to the complexities I attempted and was actually solved by a floating pink box that was being added to and removed from a grid. It obviously still isn’t perfect, a unit might take a slightly longer route to the destination every now and then but honestly, it’s good enough for us.

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