The Story So Far

Almost two weeks into the development process we have decided to write our first blog post to go through our latest features. However, despite the hefty time span, nothing too exciting has happened but good progress has been made.

Let me set the scene, you are faced with a menu screen that presents you with three simple words, “Pirate”, “Empire” and “Viking”. As of yet, “pirate” is the only viable option as it is the only one that has some decent code behind it. So after selecting your prefered faction, you enter a top-down view of a lush, tropical blue ocean that surrounds a few (rather jagged) islands. Atop this body of water is a somewhat simplistic pirate ship which is controlled by you, the player. Not much happens on this ocean (as of yet) but you can shoot a plethora of cannon balls at an imperial ship or you can enter a little town and attempt to take it via a sequence of turn-based combat

When you Interact with the town, you are faced with a desert (the towns a work in progress). You are asked to deploy your crew which currently consists of a monkey, a man with a musketoon and a chef. An interesting lineup, I know but it will all make sense in due course. Each of these units can move and they all have a unique primary and secondary attack/ability. Eventually, they will level up and you will be able to upgrade them and take steps along certain skill lines.

As basic as this might all sound, we have spent the last month setting up basic mechanics that will be used throughout the game which can be rather time consuming. I’ve always liked spending more time at the beginning of a project to “future proof” it for lack of a better phrase. In 6 months time, I want to be able to change the core code easily if the need arises to do this, it’s better to make sure everything just works.

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